In order to understand the history, culture and people of Croatia, one must first be aware that Croatia was ruled, administered, conquered and federated with Yugoslavia, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary and the Protectorate of Hungary, Italy, Turkey, the Republic of Venice, and the Republic of Ragusa Dubrovnik for up to years.

Croatia was partitioned at the same time for up to years between Austria, Hungary, Venice and Turkey. An individual with a desire to study the history, culture and people of Croata would out of necessity have to read portions of Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish and Italian history. Croatian immigration would have the same considerations as above. Croatians have migrated for over years. Croatians were palace guards to the Caliphs of Moslem Spain in - A.

Croatian immigration to the New World started with their participation in Spanish, Portugese, and Venetian fleet and mercantile operations. Ethnically they were always Croatians, but in immigration Croatians were identified by America, Canada, South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia as above or in recent times as Yugoslavs and were recorded as such.

In America, any and all articles, books, etc. Croatian immigrant research was primarily conducted with the use of U. Census of Population records from, was destroyed. The research was conducted from and all Croatian pioneers were recorded on 3x5 index cards; Bibliographic sources were also recorded on 3x5 index cards; regional Scrap Books were organized with abstracted Articles and other Documentation, Books, Booklets, Pamphlets, Journals, Almanacs, Magazines, Original Documents and Copies of Source Material were collected.

Collection of Documentation and Abstract of Articles and other material was done for all of America. Other area of the world with Croatian immigration was also collected. A Croatian Pioneer Register is now being computerized with 14 fields of information and a Croatian Immigrant Bibliography is also being computerized.

All of the above will add to the history of Croatian immigration see attached. Because of the lack of a Nation-State, Croatians were in most cases identified by the country that ruled them and were not accorded a place in history. Almost all Croatians that made a contribution to any endevour were misidentified.

A few examples:. John Dominis - Gospodnetich - Italian. Origins were from the island of Brac, Croatia. Marco Polo - Pilich - Venetian explorer of China.

List of noble families of Croatia

Origins were Sibenik, Croatia, born on the island of Korcula, Croatia. Peter Tomich - Austrian. Medal of Honor winner, Pearl Harbor Born Croatian in Hercegovina. Ferdinand Konscak - Gonzaga - Austrian. A Priest, proved California was not an island.

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Origin was Varazdin, Croatia. Serbo-Croatian was the term used in the English speaking world for the Croatian language since the end of World War I Prior to the formation of Yugoslavia and the end of WW I, Croatia and Serbia had never been historically united, they were simply Slavic neighbors. Croatians formalized their alphabet in approximately with the use of a diacritical-accent mark system.

Croatians coming to America, based on circumstance of where they came from in Croatia, had their names modified on passports.

A good example would be that in the Italian alphabet there is no "K", so those named Kristovic from Dalmatia or Istria would be registered as Christovich on their passport.

Some from Dalmatia or Istria would also use two versions of their name for busines reasons such as Mladinic Mladineo, Marijanovic Mariani.

An accent or diacritical mark was used by the Croatian and Hungarian language. So, a persons name could have been modified to conform to the Italian, Austrian or Hungarian alphabet or language. Then again changed by American authorities to conform to English.List of noble families of Croatia includes the old, original, ethnically Croatian noble families; families whose titles were granted by the kings of the medieval Kingdom of Croatia and its successors; foreign noble families which were granted Croatian citizenship; and Croatian families which were granted titles by foreign states.

It refers to the noble families including royal or other ruling dynasties of the historical territories of CroatiaDalmatiaSlavoniaIstriaBosniaHerzegovina and the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Croatian Genealogy

Julije Makanec was a renowned philosopher and Minister of Education. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Archived from the original on Retrieved Historia originis gentium patriciarum. Vericuae, Albert Koch. Categories : Croatian noble families Lists of Croatian people Lists of families Lists of nobility Croatia history-related lists. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title CS1 maint: location Articles with short description.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Hrvatski Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Baron Ban. Old noble family from Split. Noble family of Bavarian origin. Count Ban Voivode. Duke Ban.

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Bans of Slavonia in the 13th and 14th centuries. Baron since Count since Duke since Ban.

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Bans of Croatia in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Noble family of Lombard origin who have been living in Split since the 18th century. Baron Count Ban. Noble family of Italian origin. Had estates in Motovun and Koper. Noble family of Hungarian origin. Emeric Bebek was Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia in Called Bubek in Croatian. Noble family of Jewish origin from Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. Ban Despot. Noble family of Hungarian origin from Prekmurje with estates in Croatia.

Noble family originating from Plavnonear Knin. Count Marquess. Noble family of French origin. Owned estates in Croatia Opeka Manor in the 19th and 20th centuries. Old noble family from the Republic of Dubrovnik. Noble family of Norman origin.How the Croatian alphabet is shown on this site. Regional Some of the information in this section pertains to all of Croatia and some of it is regional. The problem is that most researchers and contributors to this website have a regional interest.

Some of their regional information can be applied to other parts of the country and some cannot. We will do the best we can to present the information in a way useable to the most number of people. However, in many cases regional examples and information will have to suffice because that's all we have.

It's then your job to extrapolate this information into useable ideas for your own purposes. Help others who may be researching one of the names on your list. Details here. Explanation of the various Croatian church documents. Church documentsindex of lists. This is an index of the various lists in this website that explain words and terms as found in Croatian church documents.

Names, dates, occupations, medical terms, glossary of misc. This is also Lesson 5 in the tutorials. Explains how to read document headings, as well as hand-written entries such as months, dates numbersand miscellaneous terms. Glossary of months.

Lists words for the months of the year in Croatian, Italian, Latin and English. Shows hand-written examples in Croatian and Italian. Explains how to find church offices using the Croatian on-line phone book and how to address letters to those offices. Social customs of southern Croatia.This post may contain affiliate links.

This is a history and genealogywebsite run by Lidija Sambujak. I may have spent a couple of hours browsing the site, reading the various articles, when I first visited the site.

It also has information on various Croatian names both first names and last names as well as various Catholic parishes. So if you know the city or town that your ancestor was from, there is a chance you could find their parish records through this site. There are also a lot of links and resources available for people just starting out.

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This is another great site for people starting out in their Croatian family history research. Another good site to check out is Croatian Roots. It is technically the business website for Sanja Frigan Ciuha, another Croatian genealogist, but it has several handy links to different Croatian genealogy resources and is an example of something you might need to use when researching your Croatian ancestors — a local genealogist.

Sometimes when researching immigrant ancestors, you come to the point where you need help from someone who still lives in that country and has local access to records about your family. Lastly, the Foundation for Eastern European Family History Studies has a pretty awesome set of resources for people researching their Croatian genealogy. It was the same information, but the census taker took down a different place name due to what was a common moniker for Croatians at the time.

Overall, this is just a small section of resources that a genealogist or family historian could use to improve their research. But these are great resources to use when you are beginning your research or hit a brick wall. Questions or comments about this post?

Know of any other good resources when researching Croatian ancestors? Let me know in the comments! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Please follow and like us:. January 16, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.Genealogical research in Croatia This is not all that simple, but quite possible - here are the basic steps to begin with:- 1.

Name s of ancestors to be found - pay attention to the spelling! All available dateseg - birth, marriage, death; Occupationif known, is often a big help, since many of the old state-owned companies, as well as governmental and educational institutions, kept their own records 3. Refer to this site periodically for possible information posted by other visitors For more detailed instructions see Tutorial for Genealogists.

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This site could help someone re-establish a link to family still residing there. It now contains listings of approximately Find your surname Search this site.

Genealogy in Croatia - Where to begin. Might one of these be YOU? Croatian Genealogy Links. Individual Croatian Family pages Curkovic Canada.

Flacker Germany. Pavlich Australia. Perovic Australia. Severinski USA. Specific Regions Bosiljevo - Over the years, many residents of Bosiljevo have emigrated.

Genealogical Resources - How to carry on. Books which might help your genealogical research www. By Surname. Search this site. New Query. Do you like our Genealogy Site?Sanja Frigan Ciuha was born in She graduated at the University of Zagreb in She soon became a teacher, teaching history in a high school in Zagreb. In After that she started working as a professional geneologist, researching family trees of hundreds of customers of Croatian origin spread out all over the world USA, Canada, Australia and South America.

Read all Post. Then I saw your name on the Croatian Roots website and read your background.

History of Croatia (since 165 BC) - Every Year

Communicating with you by internet was flawless and within a few short weeks you provided me with information about 4 more generations covering a period of years. Now I feel my genealogy is complete and I will be able to pass these records onto my children and grandchildren for them to enjoy when they reach my age.

Thank you again for your help. Without you this could not have happened. Visiting your place of origin in Croatia contacting distant relatives, priest, local office, photographing old houses, village, church, cemetery Recent News I gave an inteview to a web portal about my work November Contact Us Croatian Roots.

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Our mail: info croatianroots. Contact us. Service for geneology. Service for genealogy. Frigan has been the perfect researcher to assist me in my efforts toward learning about my European ancestors.

She is most knowledgeable and efficient…. Useful Links. We have selected for you some useful links that may help in the independent search, and we are at your service should you require assistance…. About me Sanja Frigan Ciuha was born in Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town. An exceptional type of city-church complex. It is unique in the entire Mediterranean region.

croatian genealogy

Nin was one of the main settlemants of the Liburnians until the arrival of the Roman conquerors, and since then the proud Municipiun named Aenona. The visitor can enter the little town by crossing one of two old bridges anf through one of the histrocial main gates go for sightseeing the city walls of Nin. The town is very rich in culture and historical monuments as well as in archaelogical finding and collections such as: the Duke Viseslav's baptismal font, two old croatian boats called "Condura Croatia" 11th c.

Anselm 18th c. Marcella, the Church of St. Ambrose 13th c. Cross Church 9th c. Nicholas 12th c. Turisticka zajednica grada Nina. Tourist Association of the City of Nin. People Projects Discussions Surnames. Embed Project.

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